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Case study: pick up some packing tips
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How to pack for a holiday in Tuscany

By Sean Caulfield

Don’t get caught out by sloppy packing. Observe a few cultural mores and mix in a bit of common sense to keep comfortable and get the best out of your holiday in Tuscany. Here are some tips.

Keep an eye on the weather

Tuscany experiences dry weather and hot days in summer. Yet, it can be prone to occasional bursts of stormy weather and heavy rain, too. Stay dry and cool by packing a lightweight and breathable waterproof coat with a hood.

Add layers

Layering clothes made from natural fibres will help you regulate your temperature. But modern fabrics that wick sweat are a good choice for a strenuous ramble, too.

Be observant

A lightweight jacket, cardigan or shawl to cover the shoulders and a skirt to cover the knees are recommended for women intending to look around religious sites. Meanwhile, men should avoid wearing vests and short shorts.

Know the swimwear etiquette

Alike other European countries, Italian public swimming pools sometimes have rules about swimwear. At some, swimmers must wear a cap to enter the water and men can be required to wear Speedo-style trunks (although this isn’t as strict a rule as it is in France).

City and country

If you plan to explore Tuscany’s countryside or look around its historic towns and cities make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear. A pair of trousers zipped at the knee to double as shorts is a clever choice, too. Pack a soft jumper to stave off evening chills and make sure your daypack is lightweight and made of a fabric that won’t chafe bare skin.

On the beach

Heading for the coast? Pop your tech in a drysack – a great way to keep your tech free from sand – and forget that bulky beach towel, a sarong is good for drying off and covering up.

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