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It’s only words: tap into an app to brush up your language skills

These four language apps will get you speaking Italian in no time

By Sean Caulfield

Studying a new language – or improving your linguistic skills – is one of the positive ways to boost wellbeing because putting your brain to work can stave off the effects of dementia, say the experts. So, when in Italy, why not speak like the Italians? Here are three apps that can help you learn how to chat with the locals.


Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning methods on the market. The free app uses bite-size formats that can be easily integrated into your daily routine to teach you how to read, write, listen and speak in your chosen language. Earning points for correct answers in a race against the clock keeps up the pressure to excel.

AccelaStudy Italian

AccelaStudy is a paid-for teaching method that focuses on correct pronunciation with the help of audio by native speakers and learning a wide but relevant vocabulary using a dictionary of more than 2,000 words. Users praise the ‘spaced repetition’ feature, which remembers words that you are finding difficult and helps you commit them to memory.


Free to download, you can learn the basics before you must sign up for the paid subscription. The short lessons are useful if you have a busy schedule and there are sessions that will help refresh your memory.


Here’s a novel way to learn a language; get to know a native speaker and get chatting. Not only will you pick up a new language, you might make a new friend, too, using Tandem’s global community.

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